Jeremy Malley-Smith

Jeremy Malley-Smith joined Wigan 10 in 2019.

 Jeremy became interested in wildlife as a teenager whilst watching David Attenborough’s wildlife programmes and he fell in love with photography following a holiday to The Gambia in the early 90s photographing weaver birds, mudskippers & mammals. 

Hobbies: Photography, Jeremy’s favourite genres are wildlife, crazy macro, rock bands and landscapes…although he is  happy photographing anything that moves and anything that doesn’t! For the technophobes, his kit includes the Canon EOS R3 and various Canon f2.8 lenses.

History: Jeremy became an active member of the local camera club (Wigan Photographic Society) and enjoyed much success winning awards in the club along with several national and international awards. In 2013, he joined Blackburn Camera Club and now lives in Blackburn with his long-term partner. In 2019, he joined the prestigious Wigan 10 Foto-Club.  Jeremy has  been running tours and workshops scaling from 1-to-1 up to 15 clients since the early 2000s to locations such as Ardnamurchan, Farne Isles, Glencoe, Krakow, Lake District, Loch Ness, Marrakesh, Moidart, Mull, Northumberland, Risley Moss, Sherwood Forest, Skomer and Yorkshire Dales.

What Jeremy has to say: Enjoy your photography no matter what you like to photograph or what standard you are currently at.