Great British Cup Nature

Early January of each year the PAGB (Photographic Alliance of Great Britain) host the GB Cups Open, Small Club and Nature competitions. We enter both the Open and the Nature. The nature requirements are a minimum of three images, up to a total of twenty-one.  No photographer can have more than three in the competition and the rankings are based on your club’s top ten images.

If your club would like more details on the GB Cup competitions organised by the PAGB, please visit them at

GB Nature Cup 2017

We came 3rd in this Competition.

The judges were:-

  • John Chamberlin
  • Richard Spiers
  • Ian Whiston

GB Nature Cup 2016

We came 4th in this competition.

The judges were:-

  • Mick Durham
  • Gordon Rae
  • Bob Moore

GB Nature Cup 2015

We came 1st out of 93 clubs.

1st = Wigan 10     132
2nd =  Dorchester Camera Club    127
2nd = Northallerton Camera Club    127
4th = Keswick Photographic Society    125
4th = Ipswich and District Photographic Society   125
4th = Rolls Royce (Derby) P.S.   125

GB Nature Cup 2014

We came 1st out of 94 clubs.

1st = Wigan 10 129
2nd = Dumfries Camera Club 127
2nd = Rolls Royce (Derby) P.S. 127
4th = Dorchester Camera Club 126
5th = Keswick Photographic Society 123
6th = Lichfield Camera Club   121
6th = Nott’m & Notts Photographic Society   121
8th = f8 ImagingGroup   120
8th =North Cheshire PS   120
8th =Poulton le Fylde Photographic Society   120
8th =Smethwick Photographic Society   120

GB Nature Cup 2013

We came joint 1st with Dorchester out of 88 clubs in this competition.

Wigan 10 125=
Dorchester 125=
Cambridge 124
Norfolk PG 124
Amersham PS 121
Northallerton CC 121
Smethwick PS 121
Rolls Royce Derby PS 120
Godalming 119
Southampton CC 119