Honorary Members

Wigan 10 was founded in 1988 and throughout its existance a number of members have contributed to the club’s culture,  legacy and success.  They have also impacted the history of UK amateur photography and have contributed the growth and changes in club photography throughout the world.

Even though we have had many incredible photographers over the years, the ones featured on this page have touched our hearts and our souls.

Tribute Pages

Maurice Jones was a member of Wigan 10 from 1998 – 2013.  Maurice was full of passion and excelled at inspiring other photographers.  He was the type of person that championed everyones wins, no matter how big or small and encouraged growth and learning in photography.  Click here to see his page and his journey of images in Wigan 10.

Lifetime Members

Ed Roper was an active member of Wigan 10 between 1988 and 2014.  Ed has contributed to the growth and success of Wigan 10 throughout his involvement with Wigan 10 and has contributed to the clubs legacy and success over the years.  Ed has now retired from photography, but remains a lifetime member for his contribution to Wigan 10 and UK amateur photography.   Click here to see his page and his journey of images in Wigan 10.