KT Allen

KT Allen joined Wigan 10 in 2012.

  KT has bought her first DSLR in 2011 a Canon 550D which was used to create most of her award winning images 2012-2017.  She has been actively entering exhibitions and taking part in club competitions since 2012.  KT embraced photography creating her on style from her very first image. In her first year of photography, she won the prestigious Edinburgh International Award that is only ever awarded every 150 years with an image of three triplets taken in the street.

Hobbies: Playing piano, Call of Duty (yes I like to get all my camos and complete all missions in DMZ), home renovations, supercars, cooking, movies, crochet, sheep n chickens, learning Spanish, painting and drawing.  KT’s free time is split mainly between the gaming, piano and photography.

History: KT worked as a web developer mainly in PHP and AJAX / JQuery, before finding a love for photography.  When her daughter needed full time medical care, KT turned to photography and spent a great deal of time in preparation reading and learning about the technical aspect of photography. She went on to spend several years reaching international success and winning many competitions.  She was invited to display her work in galleries around the world and travelled internationally to speak about her journey in photography and was featured in magazines and news papers, even appearing on the BBC.  Sadly, after losing her best friend and team mate Maurice, she took a very long break from photography…9 years in fact!  Before returning to start her journey in photography once more.

What KT has to say: Love for life and appreciating everyday is everything to me.  Photography is another medium to convey emotion, have fun and social interaction.  I appreciate and enjoy photography at all levels and genres….enjoy the journey!

Website: www.ktallen-photography.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ktallenphotography