About Wigan 10 Amateur Photography Club

Wigan 10 is a small group of only 15 photographers who have joined together to share their enjoyment of photography.  Our achievements can be viewed on the main navigation menu. Wigan 10 Foto Club was formed in 1988 by a group of friends who were seeking greater involvement in competitions, exhibitions and achieving photographic distinctions. Wigan 10 is affiliated to The PAGB (Photographic Alliance of Great Britain) through the L&CPU (Lancashire & Cheshire Photographic Union).  Wigan 10 set out to meet and discuss each other’s work in a non-competitive atmosphere but to compete externally as a group.  From very humble beginnings their success has grown with their enthusiasm for photography. From its inception the club’s objectives were –


  • To actively promote photography as an art form.
  • For members to meet regularly, to discuss & comment on each other’s work in a non-competitive environment.
  • To compete both as a group & individually in national/international exhibitions, competitions & work towards photographic distinctions.
  • Members should solely dedicate their images to the club for external competitions & there should be no conflict within Wigan 10.
  • To undertake excursions to events of photographic interest.

To date the club still operates in this same manner as set up in 1988, remaining true to its objectives.

The Real Wigan 10 – FAQs

Why is it called Wigan 10?  Surprisingly to many, the Wigan 10 name does not come from the number of members, but from the original club meeting area and the month it was created (October).  There are members who live within the Wigan postal area and club meetings are held in within the Wigan Borough of Leigh & Golborne.

Does Wigan 10 have monthly competitions? No, we only participate in external competitions, although we do enjoy seeing each other’s images regularly.

Do you have to be invited to join Wigan 10?  Not at all, you can apply to join Wigan 10 at any time.  As we meet in a small meeting room, we are restricted to space. It is true we don’t often recruit, but we welcome applications to keep on file should space come available.

I don’t live in your area, can I still apply? We require all members to be able to attend meetings with in person or online via Teams.

How do I apply to become a member?  Send an email using the contact page to express your interest and we will send you the details.

Do you have a club room? No, we never have.  We try to meet up in person when we can and we like to organise photography days out and shoots, which is just really an excuse to eat cake.

Do meetings have visiting lecturers?  Not currently, but we sometimes have guest speakers via Teams online.

What is the main focus of Wigan 10? Appraisal nights at which members’ images are discussed, commented on and appraised in preparation for external competitions and competition selections.

What else does Wigan 10 do?  We enjoy learning and experiencing new aspects of photography and spend lots of time communicating and going out together outside meetings…and eating cake!

Is it always amazing?  No, we have our moments.  Having many talented and wonderfully eccentric personalities can have its ups and downs, but we rely on friendship to pull us through.  We are more like a family and no family is perfect.