Lynne Morris

Lynne Morris joined Wigan 10 in 2015.

  Lynne Morris specialises in surreal and manipulated imagery.  Using her own portfolio, she crafts the imagery to produce altered reality based photography.  Her abstract work frequently begins life as ‘a fleeting thought in time’, often based on a ‘seed of humour’.  Lynne likes her work to ‘grow’ organically, gradually allowing it to shape and form, as she explores the humour and impact it evokes.

Hobbies: Outside of work, most of Lynne’s spare time is taken up by her love of photography but she also enjoys walking in the countryside, listening to music and a range of arts and crafts.

History: Having worked extensively as a graphic designer in North Wales for over 20 years, it wasn’t until 2012 that she decided to pursue her love of photography.  Lynne joined Conwy Camera Club in 2012, just after buying her first DSLR camera.  In 2013 Lynne had one of her photographs accepted into the London Salon of Photography. Her success grew very quickly, gaining a raft of awards in National and International photographic Salons. Within this short time she has achieved AFIAP, DPAGB and BPE3.

What Lynne has to say: “My approach to photography is to never stop learning. As long as there are techniques for me to learn, master or improve then I will keep going. I love the human interaction and discussion that photography can generate – I like the fact that a single image can mean different things to different people”.