Phil Barber MPAGB FBPE

  Phil joined Wigan 10 in 2014.

About: Phil bought his first DSLR in 2011 and decided to join a camera club in 2012 to improve his knowledge.  Since then he has began to explore club competitions and exhibitions.

Hobbies: Photography, his love for Newfoundland Dogs and going to the gym.

History: Phil studied graphic design at college, achieveing his qualifications.  He later joined the Navy, serving for many years.  After leaving the Navy in the 1990’s, Phil returned to his love of graphic design, which he continues today.  Mainly working in magazine advertising, publishing and design.

What Phil has to say: Never stop wanting to learn new things, it’s up to yourself to want to succeed, sometimes a bit of luck helps as well.  Photography is the new Rock n Roll!

Wedding portfolio:

Creative and Sport photography: