Jane Lazenby BA(fine art) LRPS, DPAGB, EFIAP/b, AWPF, FMPA, BPE5*

Jane Lazenby joined Wigan 10 in 2020.

Jane began taking photos for art reference in the 1980’s on an old 35mm film camera, chopping photographs with scissors to create compositions, as part of her Fine Art degree.  It was then she discovered she was not only allergic to the darkroom chemicals, but also to the printing and oil painting fumes! Jane graduated from a real sketchbook to creating with Photoshop around 2006 and she is entirely self taught. Discovering Photoshop finally gave Jane the ability to transform my photo’s, impacting not only on her resulting artwork but also on her photographic style.

Jane qualified to teach in further education in 2000, teaching a variety of art techniques.   From 2020 she exclusively taught creative photoshop techniques and camera craft.

Hobbies: Jane loves making props using a variety of media / techniques; EVA foam armour, headdresses, equine ornate halters and forehead jewellery, bespoke gowns and crowns, pretty much anything! 

History: Jane has a history of 35 years as an artist and nearly 30 years as an Adult Education art and craft tutor.  This has given her a comprehensive background in gallery work, fine art and art history. Jane has exhibited in Dubai, New York and major London galleries, her work even features in a Royal collection. Jane’s photography took over from her paintings in 2017 and she chose to specialise in equine styled shoots, portraiture, weddings and events. She first started competition work in 2017, finding it a great challenge to grow her skill set.

What Jane has to say: I seek out images that tell stories, why only capture a single moment in time? So much more can be celebrated within an image and I have a passion for post processing which realises my imagination and ideas in a unique and creative way.

I love supporting others and I’ve found my dream job during Covid lockdown in 2020 with the creation of my membership site, recording tutorials in a vast array of styles.

Website: www.ejlazenbyphotography.co.uk

Education site: www.ejlazenby.com

Art site: www.animalfineart.co.uk

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ejlazenbyphotography

Art prints: www.etsy.com/shop/ejlazenbyfineart

Digital products: www.etsy.com/shop/ejlazenbydigital

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ejlazenbyphotography