PAGB Inter Club DPI Championships (Warwick)

The PAGB Inter Club Digital Championships (also known as ‘Warwick’) is a competition between the top few clubs from each federation through the UK every year.  You either must quality in your federation to reach this competition or be in the top ten from the previous year at this competition.

The clubs must present three rounds of images to the judges.  In the first two rounds, each club enter eight images per round (maximum 2 images per author and no more than 2 natural history).  The top eight scoring clubs from the first two rounds then proceed to the final round, the remaining clubs then enter a separate round to compete for the Plate Competition.

It is an amazing day with lots of atmosphere and the opportunity to speak to many photographers.

PAGB Digital Championships 2016

Wigan 10 won this competition.

Congratulations Phil on his judges medal for Playing for Nuts!

PAGB Digital Championships 2015

Wigan 10 won this competition.

First Round

Second Round

Final Round

Tie Breaker

PAGB Digital Championships 2014

Wigan 10 came second in this competition.

Final Round Scores:

Smethwick Photographic Society 265
Wigan 10 Foto Club 257
Arden Photographic Group 256
Duston 256
Chorley PS 254
Carluke 249
Dumfries Camera Club 248
Stafford 244

PAGB Digital Championships 2013

Wigan 10 won this competition.

Final Round Scores:

Wigan 10 Foto Club L&CPU 267
Chorley PS L&CPU 256
Arden Photographic Group MCPF 255
Smethwick Photographic Society MCPF 255
Dumfries Camera Club SPF 247
Bristol Photographic Society WCPF 239
Cannock Photographic Society MCPF 233
Rolls-Royce (Derby) PS N&EMPF 227

Joan Blease also won a selectors medal from Dave Gibbins for The Three Graces.