Paul Statter DPAGB EFIAP

Paul Statter joined Wigan 10 in 2016.

  Paul is a photographer based in the North of England with a particular interest in Street Photography and Creative Photography. Since 2016, I have been  a member of Wigan 10, one of the leading photography clubs in the world. Travel, sport and family take up most of my time.

Hobbies: Golf, running, photography and family.

History: Paul has always been fascinated with photography and cameras. When I was young I saved up for my first Canon film camera a Canon Pellix. Since then I have various cameras and during the days of film I used to process my own mono shots. However I took a break from serious photography for around 20 years whilst working on my career. I returned to it a few years ago and focussed on Street and Creative photography, mainly because of it’s interaction with people.

What Paul has to say: I like the challenge of todays digital environment, where the pace of change is rapid. Digital photography presents the photographer with challenges like never before. Today the photographer can spend as much time in post processing as he or she does in achieving a good shot. But it’s a choice you can make, take it or leave it. I enjoy time behind the camera and in post processing in equal measure.