Marco Pozzi recently visited Venice for the carnival…but this time he went behind the mask to experience the carnival from a different perspective.  Many photographers are familiar with the typical Venice images of the mysterious masked people celebrating the carnival; a tradition that very first started in 1162.

Marco says “I did try the experience of becoming a mask, going around and being photographed by everyone.  Not for me. I found it boring.  I wanted to be taking photographs instead of being photographed!

The people with me have done it for 20 years. Every year they go to Venice and develop their new costume/mask.  The motivations are numerous, but the bottom line if they they love it, it makes them feel good, special for the day/s.

It was an experience Marco will never forget, that will possibly give him an insight that will give him the edge next time he is in Venice…on the other side of the mask!

Wigan 10 news - Amateur Photography Club

Marco Pozzi (left mask)