Two of our members give their view on the day at Carr Mill Powerboat Championships.

Dick Mobey’s account on the day:

The weather, for once, was conducive for photography with sun and dappled skies, I have been going to Carr Mill for some years and this was the first time I had ever seen  the large 200 HP boats  racing  together, the size and colourful boats were quite spectacular, and their speeds incredible. I stood on the southern side of the lake for all my shots, after exploring the other eastern side and rejecting these sites, because the boats from that standpoint were on a long straight portion of the course and this meant little opportunity for seeing the large plumes of spray that adds action to pictures,

On the day, Sky was televising the racing, and this attracted large numbers of spectators, (and their cars). Whether I managed to take some ‘world breakers’ of images still remains to be seen, but the atmosphere and noise made it one of the most worthwhile local venues. In addition, it was totally free! 


Robert Millin’s account on the day:

I packed my gear and headed to St Helen’s for the first round of the Powerboat Championships with a strange sight in the sky – the sun was out – arriving and checking out vantage points. Photographic opportunities were many and soon the engines started up and the satisfying roar of the boats accelerating away as they barely skimmed the water. Great fun!! Found a nice spot overlooking a sharp 180 degree turn for maximum water spray and wasn’t disappointed…… Went home happy with a red nose and lots of nice images. Will be back later in the year for the next rounds………”