Whitby Goth weekend is a very popular event amongst club photographers and hobbyists alike.    The weather threatened, but luckily it blew over, resulting in lots of wind, but sunshine and some lovely lighting conditions once the storm cloud had pasted by.


The wind kept many of the people in goth attire down in the shelter of the town, many spend months before the event designing and hand-making their costumes with elaborate feathers and adornments and strong winds could ruin their costumes.  With the landfall last year half of the church is also barricaded off, leaving only the path up to the church door and the side of the church suitable for photographing at the top of the steps.


Several Wigan 10 members attended the weekend making the most of the excellent atmosphere and photographic opportunities, but also to spend time with other fellow photographers and friends that meet up for the weekend.  We also had a birthday to celebrate and treated Kathryn to a lovely meal, flowers and cake.


It was a good fun lighthearted weekend and it was a delight to meet so many new faces and get to meet people from the Internet.