This evening Preston Photographic Society hosted wildlife photographer Danny Green for a lecture at UCLan entitled “The Long Journey North”.

Danny’s website says “Danny Green’s first book The Long Journey North is a visual exploration of the Arctic and Subarctic regions of Northern Europe. It’s a project that has taken him over eight years to complete, and is a collection of images showing some of the most beautiful and iconic species that can be found in this varied and pristine wilderness. ”

If you missed the lecture, his book is available to buy on his website:

Danny Green with Austin Thomas Nature Photography

Wigan 10 really enjoyed the evening. Danny is a wealth of knowledge and experience.  He takes you through his journey in a very informative way starting from a young boy in awe of nature with his Grandfather, to voyaging round the Arctic in a sailing yacht in search of for-filling his dreams.

Nature Photography

Images taken with phone, sorry for the quality.