Although primarily interested in sports photography, as I am, it is also enjoyable to attempt other genres outside your comfort zone. This can both improve your photography and if you are lucky also give you images for genres that you might not have attempted before thereby increasing your potential for acceptances and awards. To this end I set off to Slovenia in early February 2017 aiming to capture some landscapes and as many “churches on hills” as I could. Before setting off into the hills I spent a few days in Ljubljana, the capitol of Slovenia, and found the town to be picturesque, historically interesting and with restaurants offering good food served with real ale – nice! The weather was, however, awful as my week was full of rain and very heavy swirling mist that obscured almost everything. The trick was to be patient – a challenge for me – and set up the tripod ready for the odd break in the mist. It was always a pleasant surprise when the sweeping fast moving mists cleared and your target mysteriously appeared in front of you where a moment ago there was nothing before quickly disappearing again. Didn’t bag a lot of images but managed a few that I at least like. Must go back to Slovenia again and hope for better weather as it is a lovely country and well worth a trip.